Action Overview: Changes in Standards

Action: Develop a shared understanding of changes needed to meet the standards.

This set of resources is designed to help educators develop a deeper understanding of the changes within a set of standards. Revising standards so that all students are career and college ready requires multiple changes in teaching and learning that are supported by recent findings and recommendations from research.

What are some of the factors that cause changes in standards and also inform instruction?

● Changes in understanding of how students learn

● Changes in society (values, technologies, etc.)

● Changes in workplace or higher education requirements

● Changes to address inequity

● Changes in state or federal legislation

● Changes to address new research in effective instructional practices

What are some of the outcomes of addressing changes in teaching and learning?

● Preparation for new and emerging career and college pathways

● Revised alignment of curriculum and instruction to better ensure that students’ rigorous education leads to career and college readiness

● Adjustments to course offerings and development

● Changes in performance tasks

● Changes in expectations of learners

● Identified needs for professional development to increase educators’ knowledge, skills, and efficacy to address the shifts

Suggested Activity

The Portal provides an activity to help teams of educators discuss changes in the standards and implications for teaching and learning.