The Standards Portal helps teams of educators implement policies, programs and practices that systematically impact teaching, learning and assessment so that all students achieve Minnesota’s K-12 academic standards.

Intended Audience

The site is intended to be used by teams of educators and other stakeholders in collaborative work.

Guiding Principles

  1. The Portal introduces research-supported actions for developing a standards-based education system.
  2. Equity and school climate are foundational and embedded throughout the Portal.
  3. The Portal design incorporates implementation research.
  4. Portal resources and tools can be used in all content areas.
  5. The Portal uses language that is inclusive of a wide diversity of educational settings.

Standards Portal Content

The Minnesota Standards Portal supports implementation of a standards-based education system. A system that is standards-based aligns policies, practices and supports to ensure all students achieve or exceed the academic standards in all content areas. The Portal provides guidance and resources to support development of a standards-based education system.

Standards Based Education

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Standards Portal Structure

The Portal’s organizational structure uses a few layers of pages that help the user navigate to desired information. This chart describes the organizational features and provides examples of some documents provided for working with science standards.

Organizational Features

Example 1: Standards-based Education

Example 2: Academic Standards

The Home page provides navigation to all guidance documents in the Portal.



The Portal is organized into three Sections: Getting Started, Support Structures, and Instruction & Curriculum.


Getting Started


Getting Started

Each section has 3-4 Components of a standards-based education system.


Standards-based Education


Academic Standards

Each components has 3-5 Actions that can be used by leadership teams  to strengthen that component.


System Components


Changes needed to meet the standards

Each action has 1-2 Activities along with resources that can be used by leadership  in their work with educators and stakeholders  to carry out the action.

Activities and Resources:

Overview: System Components

Activity: Moving to A Standards-based Education System

Additional Information:

User Guide

Activities and Resources:

Overview: Changes

Activity Directions: Understanding Changes in each Content Area

Jigsaw Activity Handout

Navigating the Portal

Once focus group testing is completed, a screencast will be created, captioned, and embedded here for users to watch a guided tour of the Standards Portal: