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Professional Learning System (PLS)
A comprehensive professional learning system provides a guide to help organizations support educators, improve classrooms and set high expectations for all students.

In this section, actions and resources are recommended to help educator teams develop or redesign a professional learning system.

Read the Overview of a Professional Learning System to learn more about the guidance provided in the Actions below.

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Build a Culture

Build a culture for effective professional learning systems.


Overview of Build a Culture
Activity: Beliefs, Principles and Assumptions about Professional Learing

Develop PLS

Develop the professional learning system.


Overview of Develop a Professional Learning System
Activity: Powerful Professional Learning

Strengthen PLCs

Strengthen Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).


Overview of Strengthen Professional Learning Communities
Activity: Creating Community Norms for a Collaborative Culture
Activity: Setting the Focus for Learning Teams

Evaluate PLS

Evaluate the effectiveness of the professional learning system.


Overview of Evaluate the Professional Learning System
Activity: Conduct Ongoing Assessment and Evaluation
Activity: Continuous Improvement for a Comprehensive Learning System

To access content area-specific resources for use with the strategy and actions on this page, use the links below.