Activity Directions: Self Assessment of a Standards-based Education System

This set of resources is designed to help stakeholders reflect upon and evaluate the components and conditions of a standards-based education system are in place for their organization in order to prioritize future work.

Learning Objective: Stakeholders will identify the components of a standards-based system which need support and improvement.

Time: 90 minutes

Preparation: Print copies of the Moving to a Standards-based Education System chart.


1. For each component, reflect on the key conditions and consider the questions provided to guide the discussion.

2. A recorder notes ideas in the right hand column. The facilitator may wish to summarize ideas or ask for clarification.

3. After reflection, place a checkmark by the condition if the condition is fully present in the system.

4. Finally, prioritize the key components and conditions for improvement beginning at the top of the checklist, realizing those components are more foundational.