Action Overview: Develop Policies

Action: Develop policies demonstrated to be effective in similar contexts

This set of resources is designed to review or develop policies to support implementation of the shared vision of a Standard Based Education System.

Policies are necessary to allow a school or educational community system has an effective, consistent, and efficient manner of operations that is focused on its mission. These are placed in writing to be reviewed and modified as needed. This action is developed to guide the determination of whether a policy is needed, how to develop a policy and a process for reviewing the policy.

It is important to understand the difference between regulations, policies, and procedures. These are often interchanged and serve specific purposes within the system.

· Policies are guidelines for operating a system that reflect the principles that guide staff, students, and parents to carry out their roles in the system. They often define how leadership individuals or teams exercise judgement. They are general rather than specific in nature.

· Procedures are the steps for carrying out a policy. These are more specific that identify how, by whom, where and when actions are to be carried out or limited.

· Regulations come from law, either federal or state, that mandates or limits actions that a district or school must determine policy around.

Suggested Activities

The Portal provides an activity to help educators review policies.