Action Overview: Leadership Team Members

Action: Select members for leadership teams based on shared understanding of the knowledge and skills needed.

After examining the functions of a leadership team in a standards based education system, the Portal provides resources to help leaders develop a shared understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to support that system. Team members are selected based on the knowledge and skills.

What knowledge and skills are needed on the Leadership Team?

The National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) recommends that the leadership teams, which are responsible for implementation, include a minimum of 3 - 5 individuals who have time allocated to engage in developing and sustaining the implementation infrastructure. This means face-to-face time as a team, as well as time to work between meetings. It is critical for the Leadership Team to build and collectively possess the following knowledge and skills:

· Use of effective implementation practices

· Understanding of effective instructional practices including what proficient practice looks like and methods to measure fidelity of practice

· Understanding of professional learning supports to be put in place to promote effective use of effective instructional practices

· Use of data for continuous improvement such as, evaluation of effort, fidelity, and outcome measures

· Use of authentic partnerships with all stakeholders (internal and external)

· Understanding of how policy impacts practice

· Leadership skills needed for supporting systems change

The activities suggested below support leadership teams in exploring the knowledge and skills needed for the SBE functions of the leadership teams and the process for selecting team members.

Suggested Activities

How do educators develop shared understanding of the expertise needed on the leadership team?

1. Build shared understanding of the knowledge and skills needed on the leadership team in a standards-based education system.

2. Select members for the leadership team based on the knowledge and skills required to support the functions of the standards based education system.

3. Build shared understanding of adaptive and technical challenges.

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