Action Plan Template: Aligning systems and stage-based work

Selected Instructional Practice(s):_________________________________________________________________

Effort goal: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Fidelity goal: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Outcome goal: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Planning Instructional Support

· Set up infrastructure so that successful implementation can take place and be supported

· Establish team and data systems, develop training and coaching plans

· Try out the practices, work out details, learn and improve before expanding to other contexts

Action Planning: What are the “next right steps” to engage in order to meet our goals?


PDSA Cycle

Time Frame

How will you measure the impact of this activity? What data will you collect?

Person Responsible

Resources Needed



Oct 3, Dec 5, Mar 10


Principal and IC

Facilitator agendas and evaluations and PLS plans





Planning Curriculum Development

· Plans for communication, coaching and support are developed and shared

· Systems in place for coaching, data measuring and reporting

· Revision of Implementation Drivers recommended based on review of challenges and sustainability

Action Planning: What might we do to strengthen our implementation of effective instructional practices (as identified from Getting Started: Instructional Practices Activity 5)? Are there activities we need to revisit? What are the “next right steps” to engage in or revisit activities?


Time Frame

Person Responsible

Resources Needed