Activity Directions: Shared Understanding of Changes in each Content Area

For more information about how to use this activity to support development of a shared understanding of the shifts required to help all students meet the standards and benchmarks of a content area, see the Action Overview: Changes.

Learning Objective

Build understanding of the shifts within the academic standards and benchmarks of a specific content area.


1 hour 


1. Print copies of the Action Overview: Changes handout for each participant.

2. Print copies of the appropriate “Changes in Teaching and Learning: (Specific Content Area)” handout(s) for each participant.

a. Handout: Changes in Art

b. Handout: Changes in English Language Arts

c. Handout: Changes in Mathematics

d. Handout: Changes in Physical Education

e. Handout: Changes in Science

f. Handout: Changes in Social Studies


1. Once content area(s) are selected for review by participants, distribute two content-specific handouts: (1) Changes in Teaching and Learning and (2)  Processing the Changes 

2. Allow 10 – 15 minutes of independent work time for participants to read and consider what each change means and the perceived challenges and opportunities presented by each. Their thoughts should be recorded on the Processing the Changes handout.

3. The facilitator(s) will then lead a 10-15 minute discussion to share and record collective opportunities and challenges.  The discussion can be done in large or small group settings.