Activity Directions: Shared Understanding of a Decision-support Data System

Objective Build shared understanding of the key components and best practices of a Decision Support Data System (DSDS) in a Standards-Based Education (SBE) System in preparation for building the data system.

Time 60 minutes or more


1. Schedule the leadership team to participate in this activity.

2. Print copies of the Handout: Video Notes for each member or make accessible electronically.

3. Preview the Decision Support Data Systems video and ensure the video is ready to be viewed by all participants. (Note: If this video does not work in the browser you are using, copy the full URL and try a different one, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The full URL is:

4. Preview Handout: Video Notes prior to the activity. For an additional facilitator resource, review the Decision Support Data System overview, which summarizes some of the content of the video.

Part I Directions

1. Ensure that all participants have access to the activity handout.

2. As a team, view the Decision Support Data Systems video. (The full URL is: Participants may take additional notes in Part I of the activity handout.

3. Ask participants to share something that was validated or was new that they learned through the video.

4. Give participants the opportunity to ask the group clarifying questions about DSDS.

Part II Directions

1. Thinking of your organization’s standards-based education system, respond to the questions in Part II of the handout to reflect on your organization’s current practice. Make notes individually first. Then, share out as a group and record the group’s responses.

2. In small groups, discuss both successes and areas for growth in your current system for using data. Share out to the whole group.

3. Document this conversation as a starting point for the DSDS Inventory and Action Planning in the Routines and Tools activity.