Activity Directions: Getting Started Instruction: Analyze Data for Examining Current Practices

Purpose: To make initial inferences about current instructional practices.


60 minutes or more


Note: Teams are highly encouraged to complete Activity Directions: Examine Current Instruction before this activity. Refer to this Handout: Planning Chart for a list of possible data sources.

1. Schedule the leadership team and others to participate in this activity.

2. Review the Handout: Data Analysis Protocol.

3. Assemble all data collected for examining current practices as well as data displays for each set of data. (For more on data displays, see Activity Directions: Data Displays).


1. Ask participants to read the data and make notes regarding observations.

2. Provide an overview of the Handout: Data Analysis Protocol.

3. Follow the protocol to analyze the data.

4. Keep the data, as well as notes on observations, reflection, and important findings, for comparisons in Actions 4 and 5 (research on effective practices and selecting instructional practices for implementation.)